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The street terrace (area between the street and your property line) is a place where utilities are buried, snow is stored, street lights are installed, and city trees are planted. The city has ordinances about what is allowed to be planted in the terrace areas. The following needs to be adhered to if you are planning on planting a tree in the terrace area.

  • A permit must be obtained from the City Forester, Berlin City Hall, 108 N. Capron Street.

  • Trees must be approved by the City Forester prior to planting.

  • Terrace area must be wider than three (3) feet in width.

  • Trees must be planted a minimum distance of sixteen (16) feet apart and a recommended twenty-five (25) feet apart from an intersection.

  • Terrace trees must be planted between the back of the curb and the front of the sidewalk.

  • Evergreens are prohibited from being planted, this would include: Cedar, Spruce, Pine, Fir, etc. In addition, other prohibited trees are: Cottonwood, Box Elder, and Mulberry. Including: Shrubbery, ground cover other plants not considered to be a deciduous leaf tree within the terrace areas whose growth is not in excess of eight (8) inches above the top of the nearest curb.

Unlawfully planted trees. Trees, plants or shrubs planted within an terrace or planting easement without authorization and approval of the City Forester may be removed.

Any alterations, including: trimming or removal of trees in the terrace area which residents or contractors are planning on completing, MUST HAVE A PERMIT and be approved by the City Forester prior to any work being started. There are strict regulations on trimming of trees in the terrace area. 

Information available on planting, pruning, and general care: The City Department of Public Works will trim and remove hazardous trees located in the terrace area as deemed necessary by the City Forester or their designee and as time permits. If a citizen feels a tree in the terrace area may be hazardous or trimming is needed, contact the City Forester.


(a) Damage to Public Trees. No person shall, without the consent of the owner in the case of a private tree or shrub, or without a written permit from the City Forester in the case of a terrace area tree, public tree or shrub, perform or cause to be performed, any of the following acts:  

  1. Secure, fasten or run any rope, wire sign, unprotected electrical installation or other device or material to, around or through a tree or shrub.

  2. Break, injure, mutilate, deface, kill or destroy any tree or shrub, or permit any fire to burn where it will injure any tree or shrub.

  3. Permit any toxic chemical, gas, smoke, oil or other injurious substance to seep, drain, or be emptied upon or about any tree or shrub, or place cement or other solid substance around the base of a tree or schrub.

  4. Remove any guard, stake or other device or material intended for the protection of a public tree or shrub, or close or obstruct any open space about the base of a public tree or shrub designed to permit access of air, water and fertilizer.

  5. Attach any sign, poster, notice or other object on any tree, or fasten a wire, cable, rope, nail, screw or other device to a tree, except the city may tie temporary "no parking" signs to trees, when necessary, in conjunction with street improvement work, tree maintenance work or parades.

  6. Cause or encourage a fire or burining near or around a tree.